Quotes from the clients who we have created artwork

There is really no way you can explain the eye of a Photographer. Because it starts in the mind of great understanding of how it will look before the shot is ever made. That in of itself is a gift and Anthony “Eyeman” Ladd uses His eye to put it in focus. His graphic design’s have that fresh snap and always seems to have that  just what it takes look

Marty Raybon

Singer/Songwriter, Marty Raybon

“I have had the opportunity to work with Anthony Ladd on many occasions and have been extremely pleased with his high level of talent and attention to detail.  He has been a pleasure to work with on projects including, but not limited to graphic design, logo development, album artwork, websites, photography, and much more.  Anthony is a true professional and I will continue to refer him to my clients.”

Penni McDaniel

Publicist, Moonstruck Management

“Working with Anthony was truly a pleasure. The fact that the end result was superb was an added bonus. With all of the hassles we had putting our self released project out, the artwork was the easiest part. The beauty of working with Anthony is he has done it before, knows what artists and labels want and knows how to come in on time and under budget. When you’re spending your own money that is “priceless”! I highly recommend him.”

Brian Smith

Artist Management

Kneelindesign does fantastic work. Some of the best press art work that Carolina Road has ever had. I would recommend this company to everyone who wants to look good!”

Lorraine Jordan

Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road

“The designs and quality of Kneelindesign have been absolutely stellar.  Anthony has never let me down with his endless new ideas, sharing of vision, and going full-force until we get the right product.  Kneelindesign is no doubt, 100% top-tier, A+ design… “

Mason Douglas


“I have worked with Anthony on my last two projects, he is creative and cutting edge, a complete professional, and a joy to work with!”

Audie Blaylock


“Anthony was such a big help to me in designing both of my websites. He was patient in teaching me how to manage them on my own. I am impressed with web and graphic design knowledge. He is so talented. I would highly recommend him! !”

Lori Kerfoot

Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine

“Anthony Ladd is one of the finest photographers I have worked with in many years. His understanding of lighting color and texture and most importantly (content!) goes beyond normal boundaries. His insight into what his client needs is amazing. Anthony is a true artist.”

Rodney Dillard

Singer/Songwriter, The Dillards

“I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing and working with Anthony a short while, but I was very impressed with his knowledge of photography and the ability to ‘see beyond the clouds’, as evidenced by his work on our first Rural Rhythm Records recording, and also his creative vision when it comes to putting together artwork for CD booklets, promotional materials and the like!  If you’re looking for someone who has the knowledge to ‘get-er-done’ and is very easy to work with, look no farther!!”

Russell Moore

IIIrd Tyme Out

Bobby Osborne here. “About Anthony Ladd … Anthony worked with my son Bobby Jr. on my latest CD “Memories” and I thought he did a great job on all the art work etc. It was just great. He did his job well and other than doing good work Anthony is a Great Guy to work with. You will defiantly be my choice for my next CD”

Bobby Osborne


“The Crowe Brothers have had the pleaser of knowing an working with Anthony for several years. We have been recording an doing album covers for over 35 years an to date Anthony is the best graphics man we have ever worked with. Keep up the good work.”

Josh and Wayne Crowe

Crowe Brothers

“Anthony Ladd is one of the great photographers and graphic designers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His creative Idea’s and artistic eye really elevates the CD covers to another level. Anthony has a style all to his own. One of the best in the business.”

Mark Newton


“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Kneelindesign. They are friendly, accommodating, and patient. When you combine that with impeccable technical know-how, expertise, creativity, and attention to detail, you get a home run every time! I would recommend them to anyone seeking professional and unique photography and/or website design.”

Mike Scott


“Anthony Ladd is an artist of the first order. The artwork he did really captured the spirit of the music on the recording and enhance the overall experience for the buyer. The use of vintage photos and the layout of the packaging, perfectly frame the cd, and help create just the right vibe for the listener to enjoy.”

Glen Duncan