Videographer/Photographer Anthony Ladd of Kneelindesign is proud to announce high quality Video Production Services, specializing in artist music videos, web commercials and more.  All videos are shot in HD at the highest resolution to achieve broadcast quality videos.  In partnership with Hope River Entertainment who provides publicity services for these videos, we can help you achieve your goals of increasing your international exposure through web, TV and social media sites with high quality music videos.


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Extended clip of the civil war scene from “The Red Oak Tree” music video.  Song written and performed by Donna Hughes.





“Battlecry” Official Video – Written and performed by Delnora Reed. This was a personal project. It is a great song about someone being there when you have a struggle or hardship and you feel like you are alone. The actors were fantastic! We had a beautiful day shooting this video. Be sure to check out the lyric version below.




“Battlecry” Official Lyric Video – Lyric videos are a less expensive way to have a video to help promo a single. Lots of cool effects can be done using images and text.




Justified” – Written about the FX show of the same name. This was one fun shoot! We shot two locations in Harlan, KY. The first was the old iron bridge and the second in downtown Harlan. The additional clips were filmed at different locations in Harlan and in  Pikeville, TN and Dunlap, TN.
Artist: Cumberland River  ○  website



Video Production:
Video produced and filmed by Anthony Ladd (Kneelindesign and AnthonySP) along with creative consulting by Penni McDaniel (Hope River Entertainment).  A recent music video produced has already received almost 15,000 hits and that number grows every day.  View videos below.

One option for you to help you cover cost is having product placements in your music video.  We are more than happy to work with you including suggested target companies.

Facts on Product Placement in Videos:

  • Permanent Advertising – Embedded Marketing never disappears as long as video exists
  • Music videos reaches the must have 18-35 year old demographic
  • Product placement promotes consumer identification and conversation about your brand.
  • Music videos can be viewed on TV, smart phones, and online everywhere.
  • Numerous video outlets include: CMT, GAC, Youtube, Yallwire, Artist’s website, sponsor website, label website, and many more outlets including a long list of music video sites that feature music videos.

Media Quotes on Ad Placements in Music Videos

“Atlantic’s video for ‘Billionaire,’ the hit song by Travie McCoy that features Bruno Mars, includes a paid placement of a Mini Cooper. The two artists ride in the car and then Bruno Mars gives it away to a man looking for a ride. The video has been viewed more than nine million times on YouTube.” ~ NEW YORK TIMES article from 2010

“Diet Coke, Sony, dating site Plenty of Fish and Wonder Bread are just some of the brands to play the latest leading roles in a selection of music videos, and, according to PQ Media, the trend is set to grow rapidly, bringing high returns on investment for brand owners.  Deborah Posner is an advertising instructor at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She says that since music audiences have migrated from TV to internet, advertisers have been able to glean more out of the available marketing space in music videos.” Mirriad

“Music and advertising have been crossing paths for a long time, starting with driving his Chevy from Don McLean in ‘American Pie’ to the song ‘Pass the Courvoisier’ from Busta Rhymes.” BEHIND THE SPIN



Lonesome River Band EPK video to show the excitement at an LRB show. Shot in Blowing Rock, NC  at the arts center.
Artist: Lonesome River Band  ○  website



Cold and Withered Heart” was such a fun video to shoot. There were unexpected things that happened and we left them in the video and adjust to make them work. There were several ideas that sprang forth before and during shooting that we played on. One such idea was that Dustin hands a handkerchief to Joey (poor guy getting kicked out) which we used. The alternative version has Dustin handing him a jar of moonshine. LOL! The case was not suppose to open as Joey went down the sidewalk but when it dropped open we used it and had him grab the most important possession he has, the Cumberland River t-shirt.
Artist: Cumberland River  ○  website



A few fun video shorts for your viewing.


From the point of view of a small animal.


Time lapse: 1 photo every 30 seconds for over two hours